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December 14, 2021 Reorganization Meeting – Hybrid Attendance with Zoom or in person

Mt. Vernon Dems Reorganization Meeting December 14, 2021 @ 7:00 – 8:30 pm Join us for our biennial reorganization hybrid meeting: virtually with Zoom video conference and in person at the Mt. Vernon High School Cafeteria.

Masks are required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, inside FCPS buildings. Click HERE to register for the meeting. Click HERE for the Meeting Agenda Rev 3.1 (Check back for updates). Check back HERE for the Meeting Minutes from November 16, 2021. Call to Order

  • Maritza Zermeño, Chair, Mount Vernon District Democratic Committee

  • Nomination and vote for Temporary Chair:

  • Del. Paul Krizek (44th District) & past Chair of MVDDC

  • Temporary Chair conducts reorganization

  • Welcome

  • Procedures Used

  • Approval of the Minutes

  • Call for Special Nominations

Every 2 years FCDC and all 9 district committees reorganize to elect leadership for the next 2 years. FCDC bylaws require the election of a Chair and a Secretary.

  • Elections of required officer positions

  • Nominations for Chair & Secretary

  • Voting for Chair & Secretary by Voting Members

  • Vote Count and Announcement

  • Chair Elect & Secretary Elect Assume Roles

  • Call for nominations and voting for Officer positions

  • Treasurer

  • Vice Chair Finance

  • Vice Chair Precinct Operations

  • Vice Chair Outreach

  • Vice Chair New Member Engagement

  • Vice Chair Small Business

  • Vice Chair State & Local Affairs

  • Vice Chair Social Justice

  • Vice Chair Communications

  • Vice Chair Technology

  • Elections of required officer positions

  • Vote in all Associate members and Voting members who joined after 5 pm on December 1, 2021 “following the election of the district Chair and other officers.” (These members must also be voted into FCDC on January 11, 2022.)

  • Old Business, New Business & Announcements

  • Adjournment

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