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Volunteers NEEDED for Early Democratic Primary Voting

* Locations at Lorton & Mount Vernon Gov't Center *

Voting started earlier this month for our Democratic primary. The Mount Vernon Dems will be staffing tables outside the Lorton Community Center and the Mount Vernon Government Center starting on Saturday, June 10th. Please sign up to volunteer by clicking the links below: Volunteer at the Lorton Community Center Volunteer at the Mount Vernon Government Center Our Mount Vernon Dem volunteers will be not be promoting any particular candidate in the primary, but instead we will be signing up the strong Democratic primary voters to help in the important general election coming up in November. It is critical that Democrats hold the State Senate and take back the House of Delegates. With new district maps, and a few new open districts (SD-33; HD-19, HD-15) in Mount Vernon, it is very important we communicate with our Democratic voters early and often in 2023. Please consider signing up for a hour or two. All that is required is sitting or standing outside of either voting location. Our precinct team will have all materials set up, and assist volunteers as needed.

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