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Volunteers Needed! MV Back to School

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We are using back to school events as an opportunity to give out sample ballots for this year's Congresssional elections and to spread the word about Democratic accomplishments. It's a fairly easy activity.

Volunteers call the school to confirm date and start time, arrive 20 minutes before and stay 15 minutes after start time. (whomever calls to confirm, please let me know and i will add ** to event.

One of the volunteers coordinates with me to pick up flyers. For elementary schools we need 2 persons, for high schools we need 4.

Left over flyers will be used for other events, so please return to either me or your precinct captain. Please send me feed back - how many showed up, how was the flyer received, and anything else useful for future planning.

Please review the available slots below, which reflect the schedule above and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!


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