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Voting Information for the November General Election

Voting Information for the November General Election

Thanks to Democratic leadership locally & in Richmond, voting is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Nov. 8 – Election Day

1. Confirm your registration or register to vote

2. Check what’s on your ballot

3. Choose the voting option for you: All voters are eligible to vote early, by mail, or on Election Day

Inflation Reduction Act

This once-in-a-lifetime law will lower health care costs for millions of Americans, cap out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare recipients, reduce the federal decit by over $300 Billion, restore fairness to the tax code, and invest a record $369 Billion towards fighting climate change over the next ten years. This historic legislation will bring immediate relief to our families and build a future where our kids and grandkids can succeed.

Bipartisan Gun Violence Prevention Legislation

In the wake of the Uvalde Mass Shooting, Democrats in Congress sprang into action to enact thefirst gun safety law in over two decades. This law will keep our kids and communities safe.

Historic Job Growth

Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Democrats in Congress, the U.S. economy has rebounded from the pandemic! In July, the U.S. added a record 528,000 jobs, fully making up for the 22 million jobs lost during the rst months of the pandemic. The unemployment rate is now the lowest it's been since 1969.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Delivering on the promise to revitalize our nation’s infrastructure, President Biden worked with both parties in Congress to enact this historic investment in our nation’s roads, bridges, schools, and economy.

CHIPS and Science Act

This legislation will restore America’s place as a world leader in technology by investing $52.7 Billion in semiconductor research, manufacturing, and workforce development. The future will be Made in America.

Standing with Ukraine & Strengthening NATO

President Biden has bolstered America’s international prestige by supporting our NATO allies and leading the international support of the Ukrainian people in their fight against tyranny.

Democrats Deliver
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