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Precinct Directory

For questions related to your precinct, please reach out to Maria Vorel at

Precinct captain

A precinct captain functions as the “chief Democrat” in the precinct. They are essential in building election awareness, promoting Democratic values & candidates, getting out the vote and staffing the polls in their precinct.  A Precinct Captain is responsible for the following:

Core responsibilities:

  • Reach out to identified volunteers and engage them in precinct activities. 

  • Maintain communications with volunteers in their precinct.

  • Organize volunteer activities to support getting out the vote.

  • Maintain communication with precinct operations leadership; pass along information on what precinct voters are thinking to the Vice Chair Precinct Ops and their Precinct Cluster Coordinator;

  • Maintain communication with active Democrats in their precinct;

  • Welcome new residents to the precinct;

  • Participate in meetings and trainings of the District Precinct Operations;

  • Organize volunteers to staff polls for primaries and elections in accordance with FCDC standards;

  • Ultimately: Turn out every Democratic voter in their precinct, for every election, every year!


Advanced activities:

  • Seek to register all eligible voters in the precinct, and identify all registered voters as to party identification;

  • Be trained in Votebuilder, and keep records of precinct residents up-to-date, and/or work with Data Team to do the same;

  • Organize appropriate precinct social events to raise awareness about elections and Democratic candidates;

  • Work with Precinct Cluster Coordinator to recruit volunteers and grow precinct volunteers to take on responsibilities for year-round engagement.

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